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Managing Bookkeeping And Payments Is A Challenge For Every Business.
You'll Have More Time To Grow Your Business When You Use Our Integrated Platform.

Everything You Need In One Dashboard

One-click Reconciliation

Automate your Financial Reconciliation. Adding and checking each transaction manually takes a lot of time and effort. With Virtual Pay’s Financial Reconciliation feature, you can reconcile disbursements and incoming payments with your other accounts. Just update your bank accounts when the reporting period arrives.

  • Discover Virtual Pay’s intuitive Merchant Account.
  • Manage multi-currency card and mobile payments while tracking transactions with flexible reports.
  • The Virtual Pay platform meets the highest certification standards to help businesses safeguard their revenue streams.
  • API coding mastery for quick integration with Merchants.
Successful Transactions
Successful Transactions
Refund Request
Refund Request

Full-Featured Integrated Platform

Virtual Pay manages your payments from acceptance to settlement with speed, accuracy and security.

Versatile Payment Gateway

The Virtual Pay payment gateway supports a wide range of devices, operating systems, and payment methods.

All-in-One Acquiring to Settlement

Our end-to-end payment solutions include acquiring, securely processing transactions, and settlement services.

All-in-One Interactive Dashboard

Virtual Pay provides a single dashboard that is customized and interactive, giving users an overview of key metrics.

Beyond Payments

Discover and Analyze Your Customers’ Preferences

Using Virtual Pay’s platform, you can find out more about your customers, improve sales, and compare markets and time periods. Where do your customers spend most money? Which payment methods do they prefer? Find out these metrics and more.

From Transactions to Analysis

We offer intuitive tools like predictive modelling that allow clients to monitor their transactions and analyze them further in order to make better business decisions.

Card Payment Gateway Service

Enjoy the benefits of Virtual Pay’s Card Payment Gateway Service:

  • Receive and make payments faster
  • Secure your payments with our gateway service
  • Work with a licensed, trusted payments service provider

If you need help applying or integrating our API, the customer service team is available 24/7

Making and receiving payments has never been easier or faster with our advanced reporting tools which enable you to see payments live as they are made.

Virtual Pay delivers fluid customer experiences, careful risk management, and increased acceptance rates.

virtual pay
virtual pay
virtual pay


Find everything you need to learn about Virtual Pay. The following resources are part of Virtual Pay’s commitment to keeping our clients ahead of the payments curve; from our APIs, FAQs, guides and support

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