Simple Integration

Virtual Pay manages your end to  end payments, from acquiring to settlement – quickly, reliably and securely.

Advanced Reporting

Get the transaction insights you need to effectively run your business. Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn’t be. We make it easy to track your transactions using our sleek and customizable reports for your specific needs.

Revenue Optimisation

We make the payment process simple, and at the same time, more beneficial for you and your customers. Therefore, increasing revenues across the payment flow by an increase in authorization rates and an improved user experience.

Risk Management

From basic to cutting-edge and everything in between, our suite of tools is designed to help your business detect and prevent fraudulent transactions while receiving payments from your customers.

You can now easily monitor and detect fraud, reduce false declines and stay on top of the latest fraud prevention trends.


Virtual Pay has satisfied the highest levels of global security standards, for we take security very seriously.

  • PCIDSS Certified   Facebook Icon
  • Multi-factor Data Authentication
  • Encryption of Sensitive Data
  • Tokenisation Technology
  • 3D Secure