5 Tips on Being Safe While Online Shopping

The e-commerce industry is growing and even more so that our new normal is contactless transactions. More customers are turning to online shopping whether through mobile apps or websites. With this industry growth, there comes increased cybercrimes. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of unaware users or unsecured processes. Online shopping can be convenient, cost-effective and safe; however, precautions need to be taken when making purchases.

We share with you five tips on how to ensure your security and privacy is protected when online shopping:

1. Connect to a secure network

It is important to limit your shopping to encrypted websites and only conduct transactions when you are on a trusted WIFI network. This will prevent cyber criminals from intercepting your connection and obtaining your credentials, such as passwords, and usernames.

2. Check your bank or credit statements

Check your statements regularly to ensure that no fraudulent charges are being charged to your accounts. In case you note any suspicious transactions reported in your statements immediately report the same to the relevant Financial services provider for immediate investigation.

3. Make sure the order and checkout pages are encrypted

Cybercriminals are always seeking to obtain sensitive information such as your password, user name or other critical information such as payment information. Before carrying out an online purchase, confirm that the business is using encrypted payment forms.

4. Keep your browsers updated and install security patches when available

Make sure your devices are protected by up to date commercial security products. When you need to make online payments, make sure it shows a small padlock in the address bar.

5. Always check the company’s shipping terms

Some businesses charge high shipping fees that can turn your shopping into an expensive mistake. Understand the shipping terms. For instance, do they provide tracking or insurance cover when item is in transit.

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